SYSTM is not just a chair

It’s a tool built to solve some of the biggest problems in the healthcare market. SYSTM is the first furniture range designed to be easily dismantled for:

  • thorough and hygienic cleaning
  • on-site reupholstery in a beautiful range of quality fabrics within minutes.
Watch SYSTM in action

The benefits for residents, carers and providers

We know how vital beautifully designed furniture is for aged care residents and their sense of place. SYSTM means their furnishings will always be clean and aesthetically pleasing. Respectful. Healthy.

SYSTM also delivers on waste reduction policies by significantly reducing contribution to landfill. For example, we can replace the upholstery of an arm, a seat, or a back instead of throwing out a whole chair and replacing it with a new chair.

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SYSTM’s secret is our unique proprietary key

The key delivers a seamless process and unlocks the genius of SYSTM. Within a few clicks, aged care providers can immediately reupholster on-site or order overnight replacement of upholstery pieces.

Why choose SYSTM?